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White Fused Alumina

Aluminium Oxide Grains 

White Fused Alumina 

White aluminum oxide is a high purity abrasive electrically fused from Bayer processed alumina. This product is ideal for applications that require minimal foreign contamination or higher friability than regular brown fused aluminum oxide.


Typical Chemical Analysis

Al2O3 (Min%)SiO2 (Max %)Fe2O3 (Max%)NaO2(Max %)

Available Products

AGW - Vitrified & resinoid bonded applications
White Fused Aluminum Oxide macrogrits are used for all kinds of bonded abrasives.
e.g. surface grinding, external and internal cylindrical grinding, creepfeed grinding of low or unalloyed steel, etc. General industrial applications include pressure blasting, microderm abrasion, anti-skid, and lapping.
Abrasives grade
Grit size: 16,20,24,30,36,46,54,60,80,100,120,150,180,220 (F grits)


AGWREF - Refractory applications
It can withstand acid and alkali erosion, with high temperature resistance and good thermos stability.
Refractory grade: 0-1mm,1-3 mm,3- 5 mm, 5-8mm -200mesh,-240mesh,-320mesh


AGWCER - Ceramic applications
White fused Alumina is one of the most cost effective and widely used material in the family of engineering ceramics and tiles manufactruing.
Micropowder: 240,280,320,360,400,500,600,800

AGWSPL- Customer specific
Depending on applications like paint industries, brake lining, surface and protective coating , blasting etc. the specific grade of white aluminium oxide can be supplied.