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Algrain Products

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Aluminium Oxide Grains

Brown Fused Alumina is a tough, sharp abrasives which is highly suitable for grinding metals of high tensile strength. Its thermal properties make it an excellent material for use in the manufacture of Grinding wheels and refractory products.


Silicon Carbide Black

Black SiC is produced in electrical internal resistance furnaces from high purity silica sand and petroleum coke. It’s combination of very hard & sharp making very aggressive abrasive ideal for many applications. Black SiC is typically used on hard/brittle materials.

Zirconia Grains

Extremely fine crystalline microstructure allows for one of the most durable materials in the abrasives industry, outperforming commodity abrasives like brown fused aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. 

Coated Abrasive Products

A coated abrasive is a product that consists of a thin layer of abrasive grain attached to a substrate such as paper, cloth, etc. Coated abrasives come in a variety of forms such as sheets, discs, rolls, specialties, or belts.

Porous Tiles

We have developed and taken up the production of Brown Fused Alumina Grains Based Porous Product in various shapes & Sizes for the customers in the field of Dyes, Chemicals & Ash in thermal power plants etc.