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Coated Abrasive products

Coated Abrasive products

Coated Abrasive products

A coated abrasive is a product that consists of a thin layer of abrasive grain attached to a substrate such as paper, cloth, etc. Coated abrasives come in a variety of forms such as sheets, discs, rolls, specialties, or belts.


Coated abrasive rolls used for fast and easy sanding of various surfaces, also ensure flexibility and Convenience. They can be torn easily.


Abrasive belts are available in Aloxide, Sic, and Zirconia using
Special Coated Abrasive Grains for various applications. These belts are available from grits 16 to 600 in different forms and sizes.

Flap Wheels & Mop Wheels 

They provide comfortable grinding and a good finish by adopting  the workpiece. They are available in all standard sizes and grits.


Fibre Disc & Flap Discs

Our Fibre discs & Flap Discs are available in

Paper Disc 

Discs available with or without holes in PSA and Velcro Discs. These are coated with Aloxide and NO-FIL Coantig. They are available from 80 to 600 Grit.

Cloth Disc and Sheets 

Cloth disc with or without hole is supplied according to the requirement and are used in both dry or wet sanding.

Sleeves / Conical sleeves 

Sleeves / Conical sleeves used for most accurate control are manufactured with precision.