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Aluminium Oxide Grains

Brown Fused Alumina

Brown fused alumina is produced by the smelting of Calcined Bauxite in an electric arc furnace at temperatures greater than 2200°C. A slow solidification process follows the fusion, to yield blocky crystals. The melting help in removing residual carbon , Strict control over Titania levels during the fusion process ensures optimum toughness of the grains. Then The cooled crude is further crushed, cleaned of magnetic impurities in high intensity magnetic separators and classified into narrow size fractions to suit the end use. Dedicated lines produce products for different applications.

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White Fused Alumina

White aluminum oxide is a high-purity abrasive electrically fused from Bayer-processed alumina. This product is ideal for applications that require minimal foreign contamination or higher friability than regular brown fused aluminum oxide.

Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Aluminum Oxide contains chromium oxide, which gives the material its pink color. The incorporation of the Cr2O3 into the Al2O3 crystal lattice produces a slight increase in toughness and a reduced friability compared with White Fused Alumina. Compared to Brown Regular Aluminum Oxide the Pink material is harder, more aggressive and has better cutting ability. The grain shape of Pink Aluminum Oxide is sharp and angular.